Tips To Avoid Car Trouble In During Summer In Dubai

Tips To Avoid Car Trouble In During Summer In Dubai


Summer in Dubai is strong and drains out all your energy.Your car too experiences the same thing. In the summer car troubles are common and there are specific issues that affect all of our cars. In this article,  QuCars, the best automotive repair center Dubai provides some tips to avoid car troubles during the summer season in Dubai.


Check Tyres Treads Regularly

Check the treads of your tyres frequently. If they are flat, a change is evident. Do not assume that you can push your luck  here in Dubai for some more distance. On the heated roads here, flat tyres are more prone to blow out and/or lose their grip.

Don’t Ignore Dodgy AC

You don’t want your air conditioner to break down in the heat of the summer. AC needs immediate attention if it begins to smell or appears to be slowing down a bit. Normally, all that is required is a gas change. If the mechanic claims that more major mechanical work is required, take a second opinion too, before going for major repair works.

Check Your Car Battery

High interior temperatures brought on by hot weather quickens the deterioration of the battery. Additionally, it may result in water evaporating from the battery’s liquid electrolyte.

Shorter battery life and a decreased ability to start an engine are both possible effects of declining battery capacity.Checking the car battery during regular services can help to know the exact picture.

Check the Coolant Level

Your radiator circulates coolant to keep the engine of your car cool. Make sure to regularly top up the coolant. The coolant container needs to be made of transparent plastic and marked to show whether the liquid inside is at the proper level. A naked eye check at regular intervals will help.

Always Check Fuel Consumption

Since fuel is cheap in Dubai, often the usage and consumption levels are ignored by many. However, it’s important to keep a watch on it because an increase in consumption could indicate a problem with the vehicle, such as worn-out spark plugs. If your car’s tyre pressure is too low, it will also have to work much more and burn through more fuel.

Maintain Your Tyre Pressure

Many car owners often ignore tyre pressure. This is often taken for granted. As a responsible car owner/driver one must always check tyre pressure especially during long drives. Low tyre pressure increases fuel consumption, accelerates tread wear, and makes your automobile seem slower and less responsive. Any gas station will often offer free tyre inflation. To find out the precise tyre pressure for your car, examine your owner’s manual or look online.

Regular Oil Change

Changing your oil on a regular basis is a good idea, so always pay attention to your car’s manual to acquire a better understanding of oil changes.Good workshops and service stations will always let you know about the next oil change schedule too.

Be Aware of Your Gauges

It is important to know what the indicator lights on the dashboard mean? Often they denote and warn about some important vehicle information. Look up the meaning of these in your auto manual because it can be telling you something very crucial. Get them fixed if any or all of them aren’t functioning. If any lights blink red, it may mean a warning sign. Get it serviced immediately.

Getting a Formal Service Contract

Having an official service contract is a smart idea because it will provide you several more years of peace of mind. It may seem costly, but it would add life to your vehicle. Having an extended or active service contract has many advantages, one of which is that a dealer representative will contact you once every six months to remind you of the need for maintenance.

The most crucial thing is to take good care of your car. A service contract ensures that all necessary services are not forgotten and the the best service is provided to your car at all times.

Even in the difficult summer months, Dubai provides the best service and care for your car through the finest service centers. Contact us QuCars, one of the finest automotive service center for the best accident repair services in Dubai, all throughout the year.