Cosmetic Repairs
We are adept at quickly diagnosing the problem at hand and finding the most efficient solution to them.

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Mechanical Service
Dedicated team to tend to Cosmetic Repairs and even minor dents, so that your car looks good as new.

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Periodic Maintenance
To keep your vehicle in optimum condition, opt for our periodic maintenance which offers a full checkup.

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Electrical Repairs
We address a range of common issues like failed batteries, malfunctioning alternator, faulty fuse boxes..

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Welcome toQU Cars

Company Profile

QUCARS is a premier Automotive Repair & Service Center located in the heart of Dubai catering to small and large scale automotive requirements. We are reputed for services like insurance repairs, structural and cosmetic repairs, electrical and mechanical repairs etc..

Being one of the experienced and reliable consultants & service providers for vehicle care we provide complete auto repairs and services for European, Korean, Japanese and American Passenger cars, vans and light commercial trucks of 1.0 to 3.0 ton.

Our center has the most modern tools & equipment as well as highly trained personnel to provide quality vehicle repairs, general maintenance and services that you require.

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Regarding our technicians, it takes 30 years of ongoing training

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One Stop Shop For All Auto Repairs

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