The Car Repair Appointment Founder

Qucars is a premier Automotive Repair & Service Center located in the heart of Dubai catering to small and large scale automotive requirements. Qucars is a part of Golden Workshop which was established in 1980. We started operations in 1992 with the expertise from our principal organization to meet the market demands.

Our Journey since has become reputed for services like insurance repairs, collision repairs, paint refinishes, mechanical and electrical diagnosis. Being one of the experienced and reliable consultants and service providers for vehicle care, we provide complete auto repairs and services for multi make and models available in the region. Our team is also capable of maintaining commercial vans, buses, trucks, bikes, etc.


  • 360 Degree Under Body Inspection
  • Car Diagnostics
  • Automatic Underbody Wash
  • Brake System Inspection
  • Filter Replacement
  • Periodic Oil Change

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to grow our customer base & become the most trusted, sought-after automotive and fleet maintenance center in UAE. We also want our clientele and workforce to have such confidence in and esteem for how we administer our business that we will create only long-term, win/win relationships.