Vehicles now days have advanced communication systems which have both advantages and disadvantages. With these communications, we get to identify faults faster, but sometimes these faults can occur from a small error code that happened may be from a battery replacement. These types of faults are identified with the assistance of a vehicle scanning device. The fault codes provide leads to the diagnosis of such faults. At Qucars, our technicians are educated to use these scanning tools and diagnosing the same.

Some other commonly faced electrical faults can be from a small fuse to maybe a line cut anywhere in the middle of an aged alternator, starter or simply your music system wouldn’t go on. These issues can also be taken care of by our technicians.

There are many electronic and electrical components incorporated with mechanical parts in new generation cars like:

  • ABS – Anti Lock Breaking System
  • EPS – Electric Power Steering
  • EPMS – Electronic Parking Brake System
  • TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • TPS – Throttle position sensor
  • Crank shaft and Cam shaft position sensor
  • SPTS, Steering position & torque sensor
  • Wired accelerating system
  • Map sensor, Maf sensor, Oxygen sensor
  • Electrical throttle controls
  • Transponder car key
  • Immobilizer
  • ECM controlled fuel injectors and actuators

At Qucars, we have the knowledge and the facility to identify the problem and we will try to repair all the electrical and electronic devices coming along with any mechanical parts. Special Scanning Tools are used to identify the electronics of the entire system through to rectify the problems. Be it a case of headlights flickering or windows having trouble rolling up or down, your electrical system may need to be checked. Our auto repair experts professionally repair and replace all types of automotive electrical systems.

Our electrical service and repair options include:

  • ECM – Electronic Control Module
  • Sensors
  • Fuel & Temperature Gauge
  • ODO Meter & RPM Meter
  • Starter Motor

ECM – Electronic Control Module

Electronic Control Module ECM or ECU Engine control unit is responsible for providing fuel to the engine and controlling the quality of the car’s emissions. ECM is an expensive part of a car. The ECM uses a microprocessor and software to analyze and respond to the input values from an array of sensors. ECM is part of a larger system, with multiple modules to control the power steering to airbags. Any malfunction in the sensors & actuators will affect the ECM performance & the vehicle might not run properly.

Qucars has state of art diagnostic tools to find the problems and rectify it. We can repair the ECM itself, Reprogram or Recalibrate it and Flashing can also be done. Read more


Most of the key functions of a vehicle are like ignition timing, fuel delivery, emission controls, transmission shifting, cruise control, engine torque reduction (if the vehicle has ABS – antilock brakes with traction control) and charging output of the alternator are monitored & managed by sensors. In the latest model vehicles (Toyota, Nissan, etc.), the ECM even controls the throttle with the TPS Throttle position sensor because there is no direct cable or linkage connection to the throttle. For the whole system to operate smoothly, reliable sensor inputs are an absolute necessity. Qucars has experts &special diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the problems and we can replace the parts or repair it to rectify a problem.
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Fuel & Temperature Gauge

Most vehicles today face problems with Fuel & Temperature gauges. The fuel gauge is in the Dashboard and the Fuel level sensor unit is fixed in the fuel tank. There is a wiring harness also in between the two components. The temperature gauge also has a temperature sensor fitted on the engine. If the Fuel & Temperature gauges are not working we can solve it by repairing the problems and replacing parts.
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ODO Meter & RPM Meter

Nowadays vehicles come fitted with a digital ODO (Speedo) meter with a speed sensor instead of a Speedo cable mechanism. Various complaints occur in the Odometer reading at times high or low. With sensor calibration, it can be readjusted to its original reading. RPM meter malfunction can also be repaired.
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Starter Motor

A faulty starter motor is a cause of starting trouble in most vehicles. It is a DC current motor working on the batteries power& it has many parts like carbon brushes, bearings, bushes, armature, Clutch and Pinion, solenoid switch, etc. As the vehicle runs more, these parts experience wear & tear causing faulty operation. We try to repair or replace these parts and bring it back to its original condition.
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